Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Sunflower Season is Coming....

Honestly, you'd think I'd slow down a little, but I swear each day I feel like I've taken on more than the day before. Tonight we had a big Relay meeting (there is no official number yet, but I think we're pretty close to our goal of $100,000) I think the day of the event we are going to be blown away by how many people are there and how much money we actually made.

I'm sitting here at the computer wishing I had something exciting to tell you (other than I had my photo taken today for Woman of the Year...but remember...we're not talking about that anymore). I really had to write on the blog so the Mona Lisa replica wasn't the first thing you saw when you logged on. Apparently, I was in a creative mood last night when I did that fine art work.

I'm just about ready to transplant my "sunflowers" that I started from seed in my kitchen window. I will be so happy if they actually grow once I've moved them outside. Just thinking about them makes me smile. :)

Tomorrow is my cousin Sue's birthday...she's pretty old. 13 days older than me to be exact and I never let her live it down. I think the only time it was to her advantage to be older was when we turned 16 and 21. After that... no one wants to be the "older cousin". Oops Susie. I don't think there is much we can do about it! Hope your day is a happy one. I'll be thinking of you.

It's after 10pm and I been depriving myself of beauty sleep ~

Love you more than all the candles on my cousins birthday cake....(Did I hear a smoke alarm go off? Is that a firetruck in the background?)

Dreaming Big,


Don Valencia said...

We have never met, my name is Don Valencia. I live in Seattle with my wife Heather and two boys- Johnny age 16 and Bo age 14. Last September I too was diagnosed with Stage 4 Carcinoma of the lung. I had no symptoms until the day I went to the hospital. The CT scan revealed a tumor the size of a grapefruit in my liver and another the size of a walnut in the lower right lobe of my lung. I had so many CT scans, PET scans and MRI's all looking for a primary site of the tumors in the brain, spine or other organs. My tumors were also rare for lung cancer.

I give you that background because I want you to know how encouraged I was by your article in the Stanwood/Camino News. I admire your willingness to share the journey in such an open way with friends and and family- and congratulations on woman of the year!

I too have a Blog and have found that many people are also blessed in my sharing of the journey. My wife tells me her friends often know the status of my treatment before she does but it makes her life so much easier not having to update everyone personally.

I want you to know I will be praying for your family and hope that you both have many years left to continue to inspire others.

Anonymous said...

I cant believe you brought all this age stuff up AGAIN! You know with age comes wisdom. Albeit, it's only 2 weeks...but, smarts are smarts!

Love you more than my birthday cake!