Friday, May 18, 2007

Sleep? It's overrated...

Well here we are at 12:49 and I'm wide awake. I would love to turn my ipod up and dance but Rick and Jacob are sleeping (that's what most people do at night). So, lucky you. I'll tell you about my day.

Worked until noon. Lunch and coffee with my good friend Cathy. Cat nap. Went to Monroe to watch district fastpitch (double header). Stopped at Costco for a minute (who am I kidding?). Came home BBQ'd steaks and watched Grey's anatomy. (oh, and during commercials I practiced my speech for Sunday) Rick and I came home to a sparkling house and no dirty laundry. Jake played Jakey homemaker when he got home from work this afternoon. What a nice surprise that was.

Angie's community neighborhood is having their annual garage sale this weekend. Of course, Angie has to work all day tomorrow, so grandma and grandpa will man her station until she gets home. Her proceeds will go to the Relay in June. (Like she doesn't have enough money already?) Ok, I guess you can never have enough money for research....keep giving :)

Hopefully, my kids will all take a little time for themselves this weekend. I think they are all going at full speed. We all need a little rest. Hey, maybe I'll take some of my own advice. Sure I will. When pigs can fly.

The Bonnie J. Addario Lung Cancer Foundation (my wonderful friend from California) is making huge strides in lung cancer screenings, treatments and awareness. Check out her website if you get a chance. She's an amazing woman. Hopefully, you will all get a chance to meet her at the Relay. She has a very pregnant daughter so her Grandma role might kick in before her guest speaker role does.

Enough rambling. Except for one last thing:

"I got some literature from a friend today in the mail that was pretty powerful. The first 2 lines of the article read: You can't have a testimony until you have a test. You can't have a victory until a battle is fought." Sleep on that! Oh wait. You're alreay sleeping.

Love and kisses,
Big Dreamer Dor