Saturday, May 19, 2007

Good Morning...

Thankfully, the sun is out again this morning (at least for a little while) because I'm heading over to Angie's neighborhood garage sale. Who wants a garage sale in the rain? If she's a really nice daughter (which she is) I'm going to bring her a coffee...

What a busy, hectic, fun-filled, overwhelming, satisfying week this was (is it grammatically correct to use all these adjectives in one sentence?). I'm so glad Saturday is here. Although I have things planned for the weekend, I really am going to just have fun doing them. I also plan on taking a nap this afternoon and maybe one again tomorrow (before my friendship and chocolate talk).

Since the article in the paper about our family, I have been blessed with e-mails from people I've never met (I can tell you now, some have already touched my life and we've only met through e-mail). They said they are thankful that we've shared our story and would like to meet me. I'm really happy that we (I) agreed that we would do the interview. I hope it will make a difference in someones life.

Like I've said many times, when you get cancer, you join a "club". It's different than any other club I've been in. We don't ask to join it, we're not sure what to do when we get there, but we meet amazing people who have a story much like ours. I don't want anyone else to join this club because there are already too many members. Let's just keep doing our job about awareness and research so we can close our doors to "new members". Stanwood Camano Relay for Life is really doing it's job in "RAISING $$$ AWARENESS".

I love you more than all the slugs in my flower beds...yuck!

When you smile be sure to Smile WIDE...
Dream Big,


Anonymous said...


Hi, this is Brennen Cornett from Jakes graduating class. I was sitting at work today and read the paper, I had no idea this was going on. I really don't know what to say... I am very proud of you and your family for the courageous and uplifting way that you have turned this into an opportunity. I would like to participate in the fundraiser at SHS on June 2nd. Can you please email me and let me know what I can do? My email is ""

You were a huge help to me when I was was in and out of trouble in high school and sports and I want to say thank you for being the strong and bright person you are.

Brennen Cornett

Aaron Bardon said...

Doreen it has been far to long, its great to hear that your feeling good, you are always in my prayers. I will be up this summer in fact i should arrive June 1st, i hope we can meet up.
The Red Sox are doing amazing this year, i really do miss our daily talks in the office.

God is Love,

Aaron Bardon