Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Wacky Wednesday

I know I should have written yesterday when we got back from Seattle, but I was WIPED OUT! I had 2 days at the hospital (this isn't a whine...I promise) and it just takes the energy out of me. Rick and I had appointments to have CT/MRI scans done next week, but both of our oncologists are attending a conference in Colorado so they've moved them up to tomorrow and Friday. On Tuesday, we go back for our follow up appointments to see how everything looks on the inside. I'm sure we're fine...they just need to keep checking. The kids will all be with us that day. It's important for them to hear the news with their own ears. It gives them more comfort.

Pam is feeling better each day. She plans on going to work for a few hours tomorrow....we'll see how that goes. She's pretty stubborn (don't tell her I said that) so we just do what she tells us. Hopefully, she'll start asking us for help when she needs it, but that hasn't happened yet. Oh, we love her anyway...

I went to work today (just so people remember me) and got a bunch of stuff done that I had been putting on the back burner. It feels good to be ending another year of school. All major sports are done this weekend. Then it's just end of the year events. Sheryl, my new friend and substitute is doing a great job. I would never have survived this year without her and the help from everyone else around the office. Now, if I could just think of something to do to repay them.

I'm just sitting down for dinner so I'd better say good bye. I might write more later if I can stay awake.

Love you more than all the Relay for Life shirts in our garage...
Dream Big,

Pam is getting along pretty well. She has stayed at home like a good patient should. I think she plans on coming in tomorrow for a little while. We'll see how she's doing...

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