Friday, May 04, 2007

Rotten nights sleep

I'm excited about Jake (and Megan's) graduation, it's been a very busy week at work, Pam had another biopsy yesterday, I haven't felt my best this week (starting with the stupid ear infection) so I'm sure any of these factors added to my poor sleep last night. But, since I'm awake, I thought...why not talk to my friends?

I can't believe that 4 years have passed since our baby started college. I know I felt this same way when the girls finished, but it seems like so long ago. They've had so much take place since then. Master's degrees, great jobs, houses...worring about their parents. Maybe we'll all be at some peace now that I've hit another big goal. Last child's college graduation...

Yesterday at work, I noticed a saying on my friend Gail's bulletin board that made me laugh. This quote came from her boss Kevin and I'm sure you can all relate. "I get my exercise from forgetting". When I think of how many times I get up and go into another room, only to find I've forgotten what I went there for, or how often I wander around the grocery store (because I went without a list), I too have found that forgetting things actually has a health factor related to it.

Now that I'm up, I think I'll go clean out the car. It's not dirty, but it's always nice to ride in a freshly wiped down automobile when you head out for a trip. I need to give it a quick vacuum job, wash the windows and fill it with emergency trip stuff.

I love you more than Washington State Cougars love their fight song....

Dream Big,

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