Sunday, May 06, 2007

Mission Accomplished...

Yesterday, in Pullman (the beautiful middle of nowhere...) I sat in the stands with Rick, Amy, Angie, sister-in-law Vickie, and Megan's family as we watched our children make their way to the front of of the stage to pick up one of the most important pieces of paper they will ever earn. As I looked down at the floor of students, I couldn't help wonder what their "story" was. Did they grow up with a silver spoon in their mouth? Had they worked full time while going to college? Would they appreciate this opportunity they had been offered? Had they lost someone they loved? Then I saw Jake. I knew his story and I knew it would have a happy ending. I never doubted that I would be at his graduation. I never doubted that I would be surrounded by people I love. I never doubted that this would be an amazing experience for Jake just like it was for his sisters. Each of our children came home with a "story". Though their "stories" are not all the same, they were the author of their own best seller. Rick and I have been fortunate to watch each of our children set and achieve personal and professional goals. Whether they graduated from University of Alaska, Eastern Washington University, or Washington State....they are proud alumni and we are proud parents.

Amy left shortly after graduation to head back up to Spokane (this is her drill weekend for the Air Force...she just slipped away to watch her baby brother graduate). Jake and Rick went to Spokane as well, and picked up a riding lawn mower the Bobby & Dy were selling (their new yard is the size of a bread box so a riding lawn mower seemed a little outrageous). Angie, Vickie and I headed out of Pullman towards Desert Aire (where we had all intended to go for the rest of Saturday and Sunday). The problem was, I NEEDED to make stops at all my favorite stores in Pullman and Colfax and it took longer than we thought. Once we actually got on the road home, it sounded better to just come all the way back. Otherwise, we would have been at Desert Aire for only a few hours before it was time to clean up and head back over the mountain. That seemed like too much work, so we took a vote and all agreed to go home instead. I think it was a smart move.

I must say that my stomach and face are still hurting from laughing so hard this weekend. From the weather, to the sleeping arrangement at Jake's fraternity (4 twin bed mattresses on the floor - 6 bodies - side by side - Aunt Vickie talking until all hours of the night...Amy with the pillow over her head because she was right next to Vickie), to the games we played in the SUV, to Vickie's (and my) singing and charades (which by the way made Angie crazy), I couldn't have asked for a better weekend. We were together. It dosen't get much better than that.

Though my heart is overflowing, I haven't felt physically great these past couple of days. I'm not sure if it was the weather change or the lack of sleep, but I've been coughing more than usual. I've decided to lay low...very low today and catch up on housework, mail, sleep....etc. It's a busy chemo week again starting with Monday's bloodwork.

I'm attaching some photos from yesterday. Enjoy!

Photo #1 - Jake and Megan after graduation
Photo #2 - The family before graduation (or coffee)
Photo #3 - The "sleeping" arrangements at Phi Kappa Theta (I was taking the photo...)
Photo #4 - Jake and Megan and her parents Debbie and Ken

Dream Big,


Janeen said...

Congratulations, Jake! I was with you in thought at your graduation.
Washington State University and Phi Kappa Theta was lucky to have you. I'm lucky to know you and your family.

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Regards, Amy
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