Monday, April 30, 2007

Stop looking at that photo

I'm not sure what I was thinking when I posted that self portrait yesterday, but let me apologize for any pain it may have caused you. Have I gone crazy?

I've had an earache/throat ache for the past few days so I went to the doctor today just to make sure I wasn't coming down with anything (other than my pre-existing lung cancer). Surprise, Surprise, I have an ear infection. Isn't that a little kid disease? Oh,'s nothing a little antibiotic can't clear up. I've been resting since I got home with a heating pad on the side of my head....I should take a photo now if you really want to see something beautiful...Ugh!

Tomorrow (Tuesday) is our big day at the Cancer Care Alliance for Pam. I know she's anxious, but ready to get on with a treatment plan. Keep us in your thoughts (while they check out her calcium deposits). Rick seems to be feeling better since his treatment last week. He has the rest of this week off, then chemo again next Tuesday. His CEA number is down to 3.5 (from it's original 59.8) The chemo is obviously working. Yahoo!

Yesterday I planted 36 sunflower seeds in a starter packet in my garden window (I have more but I want to stagger their bloom times). I plan on having sunflowers blooming all summer and fall. When they actually make flowers, I'll post photos...

Love you more than all the apples in Wenatchee.

Dream Big,

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