Monday, April 16, 2007

I'm off to work

Just wanted to wish you all a great week. It might be raining where you are, your copy machine might be broken, you might be having a root canal, but look on the bright side; the sun will shine again, the copy repairman is on his way, and you're tooth will feel better once it quits hurting... Life really is what we make of it. Believe that better things are ahead and they will be.

I attended a Southern Living at Home open house yesterday at my friend Jan's. She had a great fundraising idea. She held this party (she's a distributor) and her commission would be donated back to Relay for Life. I visited with lots of people I hadn't seen in a while, the food was spectacular, her house looked beautiful (as always) and she doubled her fundraising goal. Now that's what I call a successful day. Congrats, Jan.

I'm looking outside right now and flowers are popping out everywhere. I do LOVE SPRING (and you).

Dream Big,

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Anonymous said...

Thinking about the plants in the ground and the seeds. We need the rain AND the sun. Sometimes the "taxing" (no pun intended) things in life are necessary to appreciate those good things.