Thursday, April 19, 2007


One year ago today you called my cell phone crying and told me you had cancer. Statistically they told you that only 1 in 5 people with lung cancer would live a year from the date of diagnosis. You immediately said that you would be the one, and nobody is surprised to see that you are here today to talk about it. Attitude is everything. Your desire to be alive and an abundance of love is why you are battling this disease head on. Statistics can't measure love. Here's to another happy and healthy year.

Hugs and Kisses-


Anonymous said...

Hear Ye, Hear Ye! Nicly put, Amy!
The love is incredible~ so is the energy, attitude, and support. Sharing via our community and THIS BLOG generates a whole lot of POSITIVE everything!
Happy Anniversary. WE LOVE YOU!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on all the positives that have come from your life changing news last year. It has been a short time and a long time ago. In the last year many other family, friends and aquaintances have received similar life changing news. I can only hope that they have similar love and support of family, friends and community to help them survive and thrive. Here's to you and yours and how much they and you have helped all people who suffer this *#*/*?* disease. To all of you who faithfully read this blog: please continue to support research for cures for all types of cancer.

Love you, Karen

Anonymous said...

What a year! Think of the impact you have had on so many lives. We love you and are very proud of you. Can't wait for the relay. Happy Anniversary,

Love, Allison

Anonymous said...

Your family is incredible!

Congratulations on your first of many years as a survivor!

Love, Rita and Matt

Anonymous said...

Right on Doreen!! No one could possibly top a birthday gift like this to one for Cathy (Happy Birthday Cathy!) Perhaps we'll get our lunch date within this next year - if not...we'll try again for the next year or the next!! I love you ~ Donna

Anonymous said...

Doreen & family-
Congratulations on one year! We always knew if anyone could beat the odds it would be a Schmitt! Many more years to come!