Thursday, April 19, 2007

1 year and many smiles later...

I hate to sound like the father of Anna Nicole's baby...but, "I told you so". Just kidding. I did however, say "I'm going to be the one in five who survives this first year" and I think I did it with flying colors. If I were to grade myself on my performance, I would give me an A.

I went to bed last night with a terrible headache so I woke up this morning feeling like I had a hangover. No such luck. No fun was involved. No partying til the cows came home. No staying up all night. Just a headache hangover where you move your head and your brains join up with it 5 seconds later. So, I took my time getting ready for work and arrived late to a desk with flowers and cards and a wonderful piece of art designed by Jennifer Kelly (a teacher I work with). She drew caricatures of my family and I standing in the middle of our entire school staff. She had these duplicated & laminated and is selling them for $10 each to raise money for her Relay for Life team. The print made me cry (surprise, surprise) but now that I'm over her initial thoughtfulness, each time I look at it I can't help but smile (or laugh) at her interpretation of all of us.

This will be a bittersweet weekend. Jake's birthday is Saturday along with Mike Chandler's memorial service. Mike will be missed by many, but never forgotten. With the effort of the school board and our community, we are hoping to rename the softball field after Mr. Chandler. I'll keep you posted if this happens and when we plan on dedicating it.

Just think???? 1 year from today...I'll be writing to you again, telling you how good I feel and that Rick and Pam are doing great. Laughter makes the time fly by.

Love you more than all the days, and months, and years that I'll be writing this blog.

Dream Big,


Anonymous said...

Your family's strength and courage has inspired and awed me this last year. I give you an A+++! I am sure we'll all be reading your blog for many, many, years to come as you share your life with us. All my love, Andrea

Anonymous said...

Don't you just love the picture!!! The last one that Jennifer did of the whole staff was my first year teaching here - the same year Matt and got married :-) I can't wait to buy my copy of this one.