Friday, April 20, 2007

End of a busy week

I forgot how tired I can get after working the entire week. Every weekend is filled with odd jobs to do, people to visit with, parties to go to... If I work 5 days in a row then play on the weekends ~ when will I find the time to rest? I'm going to have to re-think this work thing. :)

It's Jake's birthday tomorrow, so we (Amy, Angie, Dave, Val, Rick, Megan, and I) went out for his birthday dinner tonight at Amigo's. Megan flew over from Pullman for his birthday so he's a happy boy. After dinner, Amy and Angie went to the high school and helped prepare for Mike Chandler's memorial service tomorrow. Dinner was fun and very good(though we didn't have them put the sombrero on Jake's head and sing happy birthday ~ with Angie teaching at an elementary school she couldn't help but think about lice in hats...and who knew what was in the sombrero?).

I'll write more tomorrow when I've had a good nights sleep. Have a safe and happy weekend.

Dream Big,

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