Sunday, April 22, 2007


We often look in the mirror, or around our houses, at our jobs, or at our loved ones and think ~ we need to make changes. "My plan didn't look quite like this". It isn't often that we just savor what we have, who we have, and how lucky we are to have all of it.

I own a book called "50 things that really matter" and one of the topics is contentment. I won't tell you what the story in the book was about but I will tell you that it made me think. Most of us think contentment means having everything you wish for. The reality is, contentment is finding a little happiness is whatever life throws your way. That's what I'm going to do in survival year number 2.

Somedays I wake up and think "oh, I'll write about planting flowers outside" then I have to read back in my own blog because I can't remember if I already thought that was a good idea or if it just came to my mind. So, if I start to repeat myself, just bear with me. (I'm blaming it on the meds I take)'ll notice that was just a random thought. What has come over me?

We had a nice celebration for Jake's birthday on Friday night with a family dinner at a local restaurant. It's great having us all together again. There it is. Contentment.

Dream Big,

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