Friday, January 12, 2007

Sorry we didn't write sooner

We made it to Palm Springs....actually we are in Rancho Mirage (just on the outskirts of Palm Springs). We've been laying low which is actually kind of nice for a change. This afternoon we went out for a nice lunch and then to see the movie "We are Marshall". What a nice day we had.

We have a few things on our "To do" list over the next couple of days, but the most important thing is just to relax and enjoy the company of our friends.

I wish I had more to write, but I'm just not "Feeling It" tonight. Hopefully, I'll have more to say tomorrow.

Love you more than all the orange trees down Morningside Lane.

Dream Big,


Anonymous said...

Hi Dor,
Hope you're having a great time in sunny California! I think it's great that you and Rick can get away and escape all the stress and worry. Enjoy yourselves!

I saw Angie today, it was great to see her. She is so strong, as is the rest of your family. It's inspirational!

My thoughts and prayers are always with you! Give Rick and hug as well as yourself!

Lots of love,

Anonymous said...

Hi Doreen, this is Deb, Josh and Katie Adams mom. I have been reading your blog everyday and praying for you BOTH. I guess I ran into you before Ricks diagnosis. The Lord has layed you so deeply on my heart. I just ran across these notes from church and you came into my mind so I knew I was to share this with you. Catch this, the definition of "BLESS" is EMPOWERED TO PROSPER,PARALYZING WHAT IS STANDING AGAINST YOU, (BOTH) Oh my gosh that is so awesome when you grasp that, so pleease receive that in Jesus name. You two have so much to give and so much to offer throughout this and on the other side of this as THE HEALED, Totally healed. You guys are like the dream family and deserve the dream outcome. Yes you, big dreamer, think on this scripture that says " I will give you above and beyond all you could ever hope or (dream) ask for" and "With prayer and supplications let ALL your requests be made known unto the Lord," When you dream big, don't ever ever think you are dreaming too big for with God All things are possible and it is His desire to rejoice with you , especially when He knows ALL the Glory goes to Him.So may I declare with both of you right now that " Doreen and Rick WILL LIVE and not die and declare the works of The Lord by the words of their tesimony. All scriptural for such a time as this! Amen!!!! I hope this wasn't too deep, but this is a deep time and it is so awesome to read your "positiveness "on your blog. Please don't hesitate to call me , good, bad or ugly for prayer or whatever. I've been there and God has come through every single time. Have fun on your trip and know you are loved by many! God bless you both, Deb 629-3791 or cell # 425-876-5881