Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Arctic Blast 2007

Ok, so we got a little snow....but according to our local news... it's Arctic Blast 2007...especially at Church Creek Estates (where my dear friend Pam put her car in the ditch where she claims the snow was 5 feet deep- while taking a short cut to my house) Rick came to her rescue (although she bet him $50 he couldn't get the car out of the ditch...she lost) She's spending the night at our house again tonight so she doesn't miss anymore weather related work (and she wants to get employee of the year...)

Now about CANCER. It sucks! My appointment went as planned. Blah, Blah, you have lung cancer, looking good, blah, blah, take Tarceva, see you in a month...blah, blah.

It's great to know that my meds are working, but now I need something to take care of my broken heart. Today on our way home from Seattle, I drove while Rick napped. As I looked over at my strong, handsome husband, I couldn't help but wonder what this cancer treatment will do to his body and soul. Rick takes so much pride in working hard and taking care of his family. I know the worst part of his chemo treatments won't be hair loss or nausea, but rather the way it will make him feel when he attempts to do his daily tasks. I know he will want to complete ordinary chores with the same kind of vigor he always has, but the poisions in his body will tell him otherwise. Luckily, he has me around to keep reminding him what a babe he is and how I will like that he gets to lay around with me a little more often. I'm taking complete advantage of him slowing down (but don't tell him I said that).

We are looking foward to a few days in Palm Springs with our friends Kim and Brian. I think a little sun might "brighten our outlook". Let's hope the snow clears up enough so we can get to Seattle to catch the plane. Which reminds me of another theme song... from Fantasy Island...when Tatoo said "Look Boss, De plane, De Plane"... Oh, how I loved that show!

Love you more than all the cars in the ditches due to "ARCTIC BLAST 2007".

Dreaming Big Snowflakes,


Anonymous said...

I just want to tell you that I enjoy your blogs (and the kids') because they are inspiring. I realize also that it takes a lot of effort to write something almost every day. Having recently been involved closely with a younger brother (46 years of age) going through the ordeal of surgery, radiation and chemo for his throat cancer I sympathize with your concerns about how these treatments will affect Rick's strength. But's because he is a fighter and he has you all at his side, he will make it through this. You don't know how much good your family is doing by educating all of your friends and family about cancer. Keep up the good work - it is worth the effort.

Thank you,
Dan & Linda

Anonymous said...

Hi Doreen & Rick,

If the tram is open in Palm Springs you should take it up to the top of the mountain. There's a great view at the top! Everything in the world seems a little brighter from there.

Amy T