Saturday, January 13, 2007

Another Day in Paradise

We are sitting here in Palm Springs enjoying the beautiful sunshine. Although the sun is out, it's still a "chilly" 57 degrees. We picked oranges and grapefruit yesterday (and plan on stealing a few lemons from the neighbor when it gets dark tonight). Actually, Kim will be doing the stealing...I will be driving the get away car.

Ok, here are the official "Oscars" we won a few years back. Rick got his for best Supporting Actor and mine was for best Supporting Actress. I was going to say Lead Actress in a Comedy Series....but I remembered this is an Oscar not an Emmy. I know the photo looks distorted, so I'll try to fix that when I get a chance. I am on vacation you know. I'm suppose to be resting and relaxing, not working on the computer. By the way, these are genuine Oscars. They weigh about 7 lbs. each. I was holding Mary Pickford's 1928 Best Actress Oscar and Rick was holding Buddy Rogers 1985 Humanitarian Oscar.

We went to a street fair this morning then took a trip to downtown Palm Springs. After the journey into the city, we bar-b-qued steaks and had a wonderful dinner at the "tennis condo".

I've been wearing some very snazzy sunglasses this afternoon. I must say I look very Beverly Hills/Palm Springs/Rodeo Driveish in them wouldn't you say? I'd better go now. It's time for me have my driver take me for a spin in the Bentley.

Ta, Ta for now...
Dream Big (sunglasses)


Anonymous said...

Rick and Doreen, Looks like fun in the sun. Great food everywhere in the Coachella Valley, but if you are looking for the best fresh fish anywhere, go to the Fish Market & Grill in downtown P.S., or the one in Palm Desert, or the one in Indio - fabulous and worth the wait. Love ya more than all the stolen lemmons you can put in the car! LZ

Anonymous said...

Rick and Doreen,

Sorry we couldn't get together while you were here in the PS area.
Left two voice messages on your cell reply, so didn't follow up. SOunds like you had fun without us anyway, but would have liked to see you.
Take care, and will watch your blog for updates. Our thoughts are with you.

Gil and John