Monday, December 18, 2006

The vacation has officially started...

Jacob is home. The girls are only 15 minutes away. Rick can come home whenever we need (want) him. I'm happy to be here. I'm happy to be feeling good. I'm just happy.

I went to Everett this afternoon with Jacob and his girlfriend, Megan. I met my good friend Kim for lunch and as usual I enjoyed our visit. I attempted to do a little shopping and I failed. I couldn't find anything at the mall. It's sold out! Ok, it's not sold out, I just didn't bring a list and I have a bad memory so I forgot what I needed. I'll try again tomorrow afternoon (with my list in hand).

Jacob just reminded me that tomorrow will be my 8 month mark. Wow! I knew I was a fighter, I knew I had no intention of going anywhere anytime soon, but who would have thought that I would feel this strong 8 months into it? I was just complaining tonight how I had to fill my weekly pill container and how it makes me mad that I take so many medications...then I remembered...Hey, I'm alive, so stop whining. Now, I'm just smiling and dreaming big.

Love you more than all the money owed on credit cards in January. :(

Doreen (the survivor)

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Janeen said...

Yes, ALIVE is one way to describe you. I'd like to add: beautiful, spunky, smart, loving, giving, caring, talented, thoughtful, tough, and amazing!!
Love you more and dreaming bigger,