Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Month #8 and Counting

Lots of time has gone by on the calendar, but nothing has passed ME by. I really love life and tonight was a fine example.

Megan (Jake's girlfriend) is here until Wednesday when she returns to Seattle to spend time with her family. She knows our family and still loves us. I think that makes her a keeper! So, tonight we had "our Christmas" with her. Amy, Angie, Erin, Rick, Jake, Megan and I had dinner then exchanged gifts. The dinner was ok (not one of my best) and the presents were lovely (I got a chef's coat from Megan's parents with "chef Doreen" embroidered on it in green...I love it...I'll tell you about everything else later) but it was the entertainment after dinner that I want to share with you. For as far back as I can remember, whenever anyone would say the word "wrap" (as in wrap a present) I would give my version of "rap" (which I might add is terrible) so the kids always drop the word "wrap" in my presence so I'll do my little hand jive and rap noise. Tonight, I felt the need to get everyone involved. Angie played her lip trumpet, Amy sounded like a record that was being played backwords, Jake played his armpit, and I "rapped". Megan and Erin sat across from us laughing with tears rolling down their faces and wondered what kind of family medications we were taking. But, before long we got them involved. Erin twanged her water glass with her fingernail and Megan used the fork on her wine glass. We sounded amazing (NOT) but it was a funny sight to see. I also added in my version of Ray Charles playing the salt and pepper shakers but that will be another story all together. Rick was already in the livingroom when the entertainment started. I wanted to share this all with him, but we were laughing so hard by the time we got his attention, that he didn't get the "full effect". The laughter we shared tonight was priceless as well as being an incredible ab workout. Moments like these are golden treasures.

While I was preparing dinner tonight I had a small emotional breakdown. 8 months ago I had no idea if I would be here at Christmas (or Thanksgiving for that matter) so as each day has drawn closer I am so thankful that not only am I here, but I'm here and shining bright.
So, I cried...happy tears. Tears of joy. Tears of relief. Amy reminded me how silly this will feel when 8 years go by and I remember how excited I felt after only 8 months. But for now, I'll be getting this excited after each passing month....that's a guarantee. As a matter of fact, I'll get this excited after each passing day. Who am I trying to kid?

Thank you "family" for making tonight very special for me/us. Let's hope that Tarceva and prayers keep our family together for many years to come.

I love you more than all the presents that have been shaken & peeked into by impatient recipients... Don't forget what I said a few days ago "Santa knows if you've been naughty or nice"...so don't touch the items under the tree!

Dreaming Big and loving life,
Ho, Ho, Ho ~ Dor

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Donna said...

Love you Doreen! BIG Hugs & kisses to you - Donna... I suppose if I ever got a Chef coat it would say 'Hi! My Name is' & I'd ask you if you'd like fries w/ that or supersize through the window! My 'Doreen' pull everything out of the frig & just mix something up cooking has so not improved - needs your inspirational touch!! xoxo I'll share my experience with you later (note to self, water means a lot to soup) ;0) xoxo