Thursday, December 21, 2006

Do Not Enter

I feel so far behind in my Christmas preparation that I'm starting to hyperventilate , will be here in a few days whether I'm ready or not. Today, my dear friend Janeen picked me up at 9:00am and we headed out to the Bellis Fair Mall to do a little power shopping. We had a productive day, then came back to my great nephew's 6th birthday party. After the party, Jake and I stopped to help "Santa" out and pick up a few stocking stuffers. As I walked into the house, I noticed a sign posted on the computer room door, "Do not enter or you'll ruin Christmas", then right next to that door is Jake's room with another note that says "Nope, try another one". Apparently, for the next 3 or 4 days I'm limited to which rooms I can go into in my own home. Lucky for me, the computer room is also my ironing I guess ironing is also out of the question. Shucks!

Did I forget to mention that yesterday was Massage Day? Well it was...and it was spectacular.

Remember high tread count sheets, massages and doesn't get much better.

Gosh, I love life.

Dream Big,

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