Saturday, December 16, 2006

Good Morning my friends

What a good morning it is! Winter (Christmas) Break has just begun. Amy had her little sleep over with us on Thursday night (and I must say we had fun), we watched Angie officiate a couple of basketball games last night (and she did a great job) , Jake is on his way home from Pullman (and it looks like the pass will be cleared off before he journeys across it this morning).

Now in my defense. There was nothing to do when the lights went out and I could still see with the candle light, so why not be productive and knit? Thank goodness we only lose power in increments of 8 hours or less. I'm not sure if I would be as jolly about it as I am if I was one of those folks who had lost it for a week.

Our Spartan basketball teams won last night against Marysville. I'm sorry I missed the games but I got to watch Angie and our cousin Ally instead. I'm glad I made that choice. It confirmed how proud I am.

Jake won't be home until Sunday (he's staying in Seattle tonight), so tonight we are going to babysit our niece while her mommy and daddy attend a couple of Christmas parties. She's really fun to have around (and we get to give her back when we're tired). I think we're going to take her to a basketball game in Mt. Vernon. Tonight, Angie will be the official at her old college so we thought we'd go watch. As long as we have snacks and water, Darlena will be just fine.

I'm not done shopping yet, but thankfully I have a few days left. Maybe I'll do it during the week while everyone else is at work... Today, I'm going to clean house, do a little baking, (knit of course), and make some mulling spices for cider. Oh, I'm tired already. Just kidding. It's amazing how much energy I can find when I NEED to get some WORK done.

Yesterday was the 15 year mark since Rick's mom died. She was an amazing woman who loved her family with all her heart ~ We still miss her very much. This time of year is always so bittersweet. This year will be expecially hard on our community and friends, because Davis Carlson, and incredible 11 year old boy, lost his battle with cancer last Christmas Day. Please take this time to remember just how precious life is. I'm reminded each day by all of you.

With love and well wishes,

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