Sunday, December 24, 2006

Happy Christmas Eve Morning

I'm better now. Not great...but much better. Our friends Bob and Dy postponed Christmas in Spokane to come and spend it with us. At first I was insistant that they stay home and spend it with Bob's folks, but they wouldn't hear of it. I'm so glad they're bossy. They did whatever they wanted to and flew over yesterday. Last night, just like 8 months ago, we spent the evening laughing, eating, playing games...etc. with Bob and Dy, Dave and Val and our kids. Nothing could have been sweeter. Nothing could have been better to take our minds off the worry of the day. Nothing could have been more precious than the love of our friends.

We woke early to clean up the kitchen mess (and it was messy from last nights appetizer fest), wrap some more presents (which is very unlike me...I usually come right home from the store and wrap them), and spend some quality time with the ones I love.

Now, I must tell you about the GIFT. Besides the everyday pride and joy our children bring us...this year they brought us a little piece of heaven. Rick and I spend a great deal of time in the "ROOM" where I write this blog, iron, store presents, listen to music... I must admit... it is also the junk room. The room I least want to spend time in, even though I love to write to you and iron (I'm not kidding). The kids knew this. So, as our incredible children do so well, they followed their guts and gave us a room we never want to leave. (again...I'm not kidding)
They emptied it. Cleaned it. Bought new office furniture and the trimmings then organized it. They gave it to us a little early because they thought we could use a happy moment.
We were shocked. Amazed. Overjoyed. Proud. I've added a few photos so you can see it. When they gave us the present, it was in an envelope with a "before" photo in it. If I had that photo in my computer, I would let you see what an amazing transformation this was.

Now, from the Schmitt's to all of you...Have your Merriest Christmas ever.

Dreaming Bigger and Better than yesterday (but not as much as tomorrow),


Anonymous said...

Good Morning my friends: We, Craig , Cody and I just returned to town. Janice called and I have heard the news of Ricks diagonis, through the tears comes this heartfelt message, with the lack of strength I will need to call a little later.May the power of the lord and the pouring out of prayers carry you through out this day and the days ahead. We love and admire all of you.
Life is uncertain, so lets, eat, drink and be merry TODAY.............

Anonymous said...

Rick, Doreen and kids,
I am shocked and sad by the news. Try to be strong and you all are in my prayers.

Love your cousin Beccy