Sunday, November 05, 2006

We're Back

We had a great time in Pullman. It's a wonderful feeling to know that your children love where they are and what they're doing with their lives. This goes for all our kids...not just the Pullman ones. The expectations that my children have set for themselves, far outweigh what I could have ever expected from them. I'm tired just thinking about all the things they have on their "plates".

Note to parents: Rick and I slept in Jake's queen size bed in his fraternity room this weekend. His room (private I might add) is the size of a studio apartment (though his bathroom is down the hall). It is stocked with a tv, dvd, surround sound, 2 closets, computer and desk, futon, overstuffed leather chair (that belongs to a "brother" but the leather couch, ottoman and chair wouldn't all fit in his he asked Jake to "store"the chair for him ~ what a rough life) and a queen size bed (equipped with a feather topper). Apparently, this kind of atmosphere helps with learning, because he's doing very well. The reason I brought all of this up, is because when I crawled into his bed, it felt like heaven. My son, has 550 thread count sheets. For those of you who don't think the tread count matters...try it. I thought I loved my sheets (egyptian cotton) but NO...I needed 550 thread count... So, on the way home, we stopped and I bought some. After you buy yours, I expect a thank you note. Enough said.

I met a new friend (on the phone) named Liane, from California. She is another woman in my age bracket (YOUNG) with lung cancer. We really are a growing population. The great part is...we're all surviving. We're all beating the odds. We're all going to make a difference for the next generation.

I'd better go now. It's time for Desperate Housewives and I have to supervise Rick. (Don't tell his friends, but he watches it every Sunday night with me)

I love you more.
Dream Big,

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