Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Flood water rising....

Yesterday was a little longer than I'd anticipated... Our town became victim to another flood warning yesterday and our local nursing home was evacuated to higher ground. Mainly, the high school gym (my home away from home). The Red Cross came in with cots, food, and staff. So, being the old Stanwood girl that I am (and having sand bagged a time or two) I decided to stay back at the High School and help out where I could. I gathered Rick and Amy to come up and help the Red Cross. Our friends the McCune's came over as well (with dinner for us) and stayed all night too. They worked like animals putting cots together, assisting the command center and helping to get the patients off the buses - I was very proud of them all. What is it they say? It takes a village.... Boy don't I know it! (I made Angie stay home to heal her aching neck, shoulder, back area...It's hard sometimes to take care of our needs first but I'm very glad she did) As for the flooding, so far it is not as bad as they've anticipated and I haven't spotted Noah or the Ark. Perhaps we'll weather this storm without much damage.

School was cancelled today. It might be a blessing for me however, since I'm exhausted and I still need to get ready for San Francisco. I can't believe this event is nearly here. I'm really looking forward to meeting some amazing people who I believe will make a big difference in our lives. I'll tell you all about it when I return - I'm sure I'll have plenty of stories. Rick and I are sure to have a wonderful time making memories of "us".

Thanks again for all your generosity for a Breath Away From the Cure and my family. I'd better get off the computer now and get busy...

Dreaming big Dreams,

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Anonymous said...

Best Wishes for a stupendous time in San Fran. I sure will be waiting for a update on your trip.Take care sweetie,