Saturday, November 04, 2006

Proud WSU Mom

I'm here in Pullman with Jake, Megan and her folks enjoying a pre-game party. We're getting ready to gear up for teriyaki burgers and salads (Megan is becoming a chef in her spare time). The weather is actually beautiful (I was afraid we would have freezing conditions or rain but it's cool and sunny). I promise to cover my mouth and stay warm.

I forgot to tell you about the Dr. appointment yesterday. Everything went as usual. We are going to watch my cough and headache concerns. I'm scheduled for a chest CT and a brain MRI at my next visit. If the cough worsens before then, they want me to come down early for the CT scan. I'm not you shouldn't be either. I do have lung cancer, so every so often I will probably develop a "cold" or even "pneumonia" but I will eventually feel better.

I'll write more later and perhaps even attach a photo or two.

Go Cougs,
Dor ~ Proud Coug Mom
(not to leave Amy and Angie out...I'm also a proud Eastern Washington Eagle Mom, and a proud University of Alaska,Fairbanks Nanook Mom)

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