Thursday, November 02, 2006

Dr. Appointment Today in Seattle

I think the worst part about the visit to the Dr. is the traffic. So far, Dr. Eaton has always told me good news. I'm not feeling bad. I have my days... But who doesn't? I'm so lucky to have my husband and/or children and/or friends/family escort me to my appointments. I never feel alone. They all worry too much, so going to appointments with me and hearing the news first hand usually lightens their fear.

Rick says I'm coughing more, but I think that might have a lot to do with the weather and doing too much. I'll try to slow down, but sometimes I'm afraid that if I do, I might stop. And for those of you who know me...stopping isn't in my vocabulary.

It's Dad's weekend at Washington State University. Jake is looking forward to a visit from his dad (and mom-I get to tag along this time because he'll be gone from there by Mom's Weekend this year). We have not been over to Pullman at all this year. I know I have a lot going on, but a visit with Jake and Megan and their friends can only be good for the soul.

Angie has her debut in the community college ranks of officiating girls basketball tomorrow night. I'm sorry I will miss that, but knowing Angie, she will make us all proud. :) It's Amy's drill weekend so she'll be off doing her duty with the Air Force.... It's a good thing we're such a busy family. It gives us less time to think about "things we don't want to think about".

I'd better get off the computer now. I have an appointment to get ready for.... Wish me luck!

Love you more than all Dads (and moms) heading over the pass to Dad's weekend at WSU! If you're one of them...please drive safely.

Dream Big,

P.S. - Kelly & Morgan, thanks for my 198th day present. I love my bracelet and YOU!

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Anonymous said...

Milesones!! Gotta love the ones we pick!! And God knows I love each and every Milestone you cross!!!!!!!

The way you put things always makes me stop and think! I think about the days ahead and the days that past, I think of the funnest times in my life and I think of the not so fun times, and I have to tell you that looking back at most of those times and looking ahead, good or bad, nothing compares to the days spent getting to know you!!! and your most awesome family...

Sappy, I know that's me.. When I think of the most giving and caring person I know, you bring out the truth in me, and you bring out the true meaning of what living is really all about....And for all of that I am grateful!!!!!!!

Love you like Living!!!!!!! Your Piece, AKA, Da Pegster.. Shoot What a Goof I am.... lol,lol,lol.....:)