Wednesday, November 01, 2006

I had a "MOMENT" today

While working in my office today I noticed that I had not changed the month on my calendar....So, I reached over, and RIPPED OFF OCTOBER - crumbled it UP, threw it in the garbage, then looked at yet another NEW MONTH. Who would have thought that could bring such joy? Try's enlightening. It's motivating. It's necessary (otherwise you don't know what day it is)

Milestones. For some of us, they are nothing more than a reminder we're getting older. Or, that we've accomplished a goal. For me, they represent LIFE. I love gentle reminders that I've passed through another month, got another paycheck, due for my teeth to be cleaned... Those are all good signs! These represent...that I'm still alive, I'm still working (or at least getting paid for being there), and I still have teeth.

Remember how I told you how much I love autumn? Well I still do, I just don't remember it being so cold. Perhaps it's because we had such a beautiful summer. Any way you look at it...I still feel like a popscicle and it's not even winter.

Let me leave you with this thought...I've never seen a smiling face that wasn't beautiful.

Keep smiling & Dreaming Big,

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