Saturday, November 25, 2006

Saturday Night

Jake left about 8:30 tonight to head to Megan's house in Seattle so they can leave early in the morning. You know me, I'll be worrying until I know they're back in Pullman. Luckily he knows what a worry wart I am, so he'll call when he leaves Seattle, then when they get across the pass (maybe even on the pass to assure me that everything is ok), then again when he's about 100 miles from Pullman, then once he gets there. It doesn't matter what age my kids are, I worry about everything. (I'm sure this was one of the many things my mother taught me...thanks MOM!)

Yesterday I think I had a shoe on that didn't quite even out my balance with the aircast boot, so today my "good" leg is aching like I have shin splints. What next? Chickenpox? Just kidding. I had those when I was 5 years old and gave them to everyone in my neighborhood. I was such a sharing child.

As I wrapped Christmas presents tonight, I had to write everything down as I wrapped it so I didn't forget. Sometimes I have a complete brain malfunction and I have to re-open gifts I've bought just to jog my memory. If I went to the doctor for some help, I'm afraid they would diagnose me with ADHD (Attention Deficit Holiday Disorder) I'm sure you can all relate.

I hope to start putting my tree together tomorrow, I'm sure it will be beautiful. If not, at least it won't "dry out" so it will always look "fresh".

Dream Big,


Anonymous said...


Came over the pass this eve. Bare and dry! :) We spent the holiday in Ellensburg, so the guys could go hunting. (Except my Jake. He has a bum leg, still!) Had dinner in a hotel and all were complaining there would be no leftovers, so I am making my feast tomorrow.

I want you to know I am thankful for your blog. It always puts life into perspective for me and makes me smile, cry, and reflect on what is important in life. I, too, am very blessed. I am grateful. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

Love you more than all the shoving and grabbing at Walmart this weekend!

Anonymous said...

Oops! I forgot to sign my name!
Julie H.

Sandy Hearn said...

Wonderful to hear your spirit. Have been to my mothers, 87, survivor of breast and ovarian, 20+ years...My survival of lung, 5 years, seems insignificant, but perhaps more rare. Your spirit and your family will carry you as it did me. 5 sons, 2 daughters. My husband is Rick also, his health suffered as well. All my best. Sandy