Monday, November 27, 2006

It's beautiful outside....

Now that I have power again, I thought I should catch up on the blog. The Arlington, Stanwood - Camano Island areas were apparently the hardest hit with power outages as well as heavy snow fall - hence, I had no computer, or land phone, or light - how did the Waltons survive?. I love looking at the just don't want me to drive in it. Trust me. I'm the one you're looking out for when you're on the road.

My niece Darlena spent the afternoon with me while her parents went to an appointment. It was fun watching her experience snow for the first time. She came bundled up like the kid from the Christmas Story movie. Days like this are always memorable for me. I hope to have these experiences for many years to come.

I like to think of snow as nature's equalizer. When we get a heavy snowfall like we've just had, everyone's yard looks clean (or at least covered up), you don't see all the mud and yuk that has accumulated because of all the rain, and every house looks happy. Now, for the bad news. My least favorite weather is when the rain comes after a snowfall, the temperature rises and we have dirty slush everywhere. Reality sets back in and we realize we should have taken care of our flower beds before that first frost or put the lawn furniture away. Oh well, there's always another day.

I've got a couple of big appointments in Seattle on Friday. I hope the weather clears up by then. Rick will be taking me (for those of you worried about your safety on the streets) because I'm still not driving with my "aircast boot". I need to keep hearing good news when I go down South. With the holidays coming we all need to focus on spending healthy quality time together...not on illness.

I feel like I'm rambling tonight so I'm going to say good bye for now. I'll write more later or tomorrow sometime.

Dress warm and be safe.
Hugs, Doreen

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