Saturday, September 02, 2006

Happy Labor Day Weekend

It's the last hoorah for the summer and I intend to get my fill of fun. Rick and I are spending the weekend with Jake and Megan (though I plan on talking with the girls everyday...I promised never to leave them out of my fun). I think they will be back over the mountain for the Coug game at Quest Field on the 17th. That should be fun.

For those of you who remember Romeen Abdollmahamadi... (he graduated with Jake and was a great soccer player at Stanwood High School & played a little football his senior year)...Romeen has always wanted to play football in college, so he walked on at WSU and according the the paper is the starting kicker at today's game. If you get a chance to watch, they are playing at 4:45 on ESPN2. Good Luck Romeen! We're all rooting for you.

I got a good night's rest last night after the Stanwood football game. Our Spartans beat Lake Stevens. Great way to start a season. I plan on taking it easier this year than I have in the past. Though I still plan on attending games and events, I don't intend to work at all of them. Instead, I'll be sitting in the stands, watching the game, perhaps knitting a scarf or holding my husband's hand (I know, hand holding isn't for sporting events...but, I love it and he says I always get what I it works for me)

I can't tell you enough how good I feel and how lucky I am that Tarceva is working. I promise to keep you all posted on my health, but there is nothing much to report. Thank goodness.

Don't work too hard (even though it's LABOR DAY WEEKEND).

Dream Big,

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Linds (L.J.) said...

Love you Dor! Glad you're doing well and enjoying your weekend...I'm stuck at work :(
I miss you!