Monday, September 04, 2006

Summer vacation is officially over...

Labor Day has a way of finalizing our summer vacation. No matter if you have kids in school or not, we tend to use Labor Day as our "last" big weekend of the summer break. I for one am putting my foot down. I intend to make every weekend a BIG weekend. So call it what you wish, but next weekend we will be having "nappers weekend", then the following weekend it will be "salsa and chips weekend"...etc. See how easy that was? Extend your fun each week just by naming your time off.

Desert Aire weather this weekend was very pleasant. We had a great time at the river/lake and had dinner each night with relatives. Have you ever noticed how good food is when someone else prepares it? Dinner was at our house last night then we sat outside and talked until after 10:00pm.

I went to work today after I got home and straightened up my office. There is nothing worse than coming to work with your office looking and feeling cluttered. I still have lots of work to do,but now I can do it without feeling anxious. I'm really excited about seeing my "other kids". I think they're excited to come back as well...Most of them have stopped by the office already. :)

I sure missed Amy and Angie this weekend. Though we would have had a great time I'm sure, they had lots of other things to do. No doubt, Angie was gettting ready for classes to start tomorrow and looking for a new dining room set, while Amy was out test driving and buying a new automobile...Oh, and they were choosing their fantasy football teams (which I think may have been the most important reason they stayed home) Don't deny yourself nice things girls. You work hard and should get the things that bring you joy. I am very blessed to have such hard working children. Where did you get that DRIVE?

I'd better get going now so I can iron everything I own. What to wear, tomorrow? Even though I just celebrated my 30th class reunion, I can't wait to lay out my clothes for the 1st official day of school each year. Am I a dork or what?

Love you more than all tardy slips Janeen (attendance secretary) will be writing tomorrow morning.

Dream Big,

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Amy Schmitt said...


To quote you... "Don't deny yourself nice things girls..."

Well... this weekend brought me a spiffy new SUV and Shaun Alexander as my starting running back for my fantasy football team. I wouldn't exactly say I was denied of anything nice. :)

I'm glad your weekend was just as nice as mine. I miss you.