Sunday, September 17, 2006

Great Sunday

Another week has come and gone and I'm approaching the 5 month mark. April 19th seems so long ago. I know I say this every month but, who would have thought that things would be going as well as they have been? Let's hope for many more to come.

Though you would never know by the way I look or act, I'm starting to feel some change within my body. My headaches are more frequent, I'm having some "squeezing" back and upper rib pain. Before this diagnosis I would have just shoved those aches and pains aside and refered to them as old age or twisting wrong. Now, with each little tweak, I ask myself if it could be something deeper... I have an appointment on Wednesday so I'll mention these little issues. I'm sure they're nothing a little Tarceva can't fix. :)

I had a wonderful weekend with Jake home. We had an emotional morning before he left. We danced to "Dream Big" (which by the way still turns us all into mushbags) and hugged a lot. It was nice that he came home Thursday night. It gave him a chance to visit me at work, see some relatives, tailgate with friends at the Coug game and just spend quality time (not to mention, all the laundry he folded and all the tidying he did around the house on Friday when I went to work). We really do have some great kids.

Once Jake left, I started preparing for my Football Sunday with the girls. This week we cooked fried rice & sweet and sour chicken for lunch/dinner and we also made chicken/cream cheese enchiladas for each of us to throw in the oven one night this week. I love cooking when the girls are here. They admire my talent in the kitchen (whatever that might be) and I admire the way they clean up behind me. As Martha Stewart would say...It's a good thing. Oh, and besides our productive afternoon, the SEAHAWKS won!

I'm going to iron a few items for the week (I call it hot iron therapy) then head to bed. I'm sure it will be another busy week.

Love you more than all the money spent on beer today at NFL games...



Anonymous said...

Doreen, I am thinking of you always. The girls loved seeing Jacob. Sweet Dreams and Dream Big!
Love you to the moon and back.

Anonymous said...


I think of you often. If it may have slipped your mind, I want to remind you...You are AMAZING! Thank you for your daily sharing of your world. It is a gift to those around you!

Julie H.

Anonymous said...

Doreen - thank you for showing all of us how sweet life can be. We all love you more than words can say.