Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Better Days are Sure to Come - Starting Today!

Mentally I'm feeling a little better. My mom and dad brought me a beautiful bouquet of flowers to help brighten my spirits (It helped). Amy stopped by on her way home from work to give me a love (I took it). I went to bed early (again) and woke up next to my sweetie.

I'm sure that half of my anxiety is from the unknown. I've been feeling great up to this point but now I'm beginning to have a tightness in my chest like I did in December when I was diagnosed with pneumonia. Though I don't cough much the rest of my symptoms are slowly creeping back. I'm hoping it's just a bug I caught now that I'm back at school with all the new germs.

Don't forget to keep dreaming big. I do - EVERYDAY! And you know the old saying...Dreams Do Come True...

Love you more than a tub of chocolate covered raisins from Costco (and I do love chocolate covered raisins) Dor


Anonymous said...

Dream big...and eat garlic. Seriously, remember when we were kids? A cold meant you had a runny nose and some kind of sneeze or cough; the flu meant you were selling Buick's at the porcelain altar or worse. Today, it's "crud" and seems to be some kind of random mixture of all of the above, and September seems to have become "take your crud home and share it with your family!" month. My son Lars just started the 5th grade, and here we go all over again. SO...Have Rick take you out for Italian food, and order whatever has the most garlic in it. Then stop at the store and buy some fresh garlic, and garlic bread, and choose some meals that you can sneak some garlic into. You might not be very popular for a few days, but the crud won't like it either!

--Dave in MT

Anonymous said...

Good Morning my friend! Here's a word of encouragment from Philippians 4:6,7
Do not be anxious about anything, but in everthing, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the Peace Of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.
Love you more than all the prayers coming your way today, Cathy

Anonymous said...

Morning Slice-a-roooo

I am sorry to hear that your still feeling a little under the weather!! It doesn't help when its rainy and Bla, Bla out side...Is there something that I can do to put a smile on the face of yours???

I too love Chocolate covered rasins!! That's too funny!! But like a good girl I am staying true to eating good.

Remember when times seem crazy and tense, you can call me and I'll hook you up to some good vibrations!!!! I still love you like a fat kid loves cake!! And even more then Chocolate covered!!! rasins.. Peace out Slice, Pegster.
Ps. Let me know if you need a ride to the Appointment this week.....

A. Borealis said...

I think about you often, Doreen - oh I do!! The fear of the unknown has to be one of the scariest things out there.

Thanks for posting both ends of the spectrum. I'm sure it is therapeutic for you; it also gives everyone the know-how to pray for you.

p.s. Guess who?? Former neighbor, Buskins-lover, and your Girls called me "Gumby" in high school.

Anonymous said...

Dor -

You can be sure that God will take care of everything you need.

I love you more than all the rain that fell today.

Off to DREAM -

Anonymous said...

I have been dreaming mom, I promise. Keep your positive attitude on life and things will turn out for the best. I miss you a whole bunch. I love you more than all of the beer that will be drank in Pullman this weekend. :)
Love you,
Sonny Boy

Anonymous said...

I love this picture lots, maybe not as much as the three of you at the school, and you know which one I am talking about Girls!!! Pegster