Friday, July 07, 2006

Mac & Cheese

When we left Desert Aire yesterday, a friend of ours Len was making his famous Mac & Cheese. It's so famous that I almost stayed back and rode home with someone else just so I could have some of it. I've just learned that Pat (another friend...or used to be friend) ate my portion after I left. I'm not very happy right now. :(

I'm sure many of you are thinking..."Doesn't she have more important things to worry about? Like Lung Cancer?" Let me assure you, if you had tasted the mac & cheese you wouldn't have to wonder why I'm feeling this way. So my dear friends at the desert... No more hot crab dip until I see another batch of Mac & Cheese. I'm holding out....

Ok, I'm better now.
Love you more than I love Len's mac & cheese (and that's a lot)

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Janeen said...

Hello Reener,
Thanks for assisting me in my sandal buying spree and I don't think I thanked you properly for lunch. Three hours in WalMart is just too much though. I'm exhausted! I hope you either got in a nap before dinner or are going to bed EARLY tonight.
I'm watching a sad Mariners game right now and enjoying some cream puffs. Good luck with the purchases that you made today. Just remember, you love your Tarceva. I love it too, and I love you more than all the missing teeth I saw today.
Your Friend, Neener