Monday, July 10, 2006

Seattle Cancer Care Alliance Today!

Today's the day. I have computerized copies of my CT scan and chest x-ray that I will be bringing down to Seattle today for my appointment. One of the great things about this Dr. is that he will put the C.D. in and show us the progress. Not just read a report from a radiologist. My stomach is nervous. Nervous in a good way because I know he will tell us positive news. But still nervous, about the unknown. I'll let you all know how the day went after I return home. Keep us in your thoughts and prayers today. We'll need it!

Dream Big,


Anonymous said...

You will be in my thoughts and prayers all day.
Love You More
Debbie H.

Angie said...

I must admit that I didnt sleep well last night and that I am nervous for the results too. I feel like he is going to tell us great news but it is the waiting that drives me crazy! I will be part of "Team Tarceva" (Mom, Dad, Vickie and I) for the appointment today. We will let everyone know the results as soon as we can.

Dream Big!

Anonymous said...

Thoughts and Prayers always Team Tarceva!! Love you all..... Missin you lots too... Pegster