Monday, July 17, 2006

Lucky Kids

After spending 4 days vacationing with my parents and siblings, I was reminded of how lucky we are. We will all have different memories of this vacation but I am confident that each of our memories will be about love and laughter. Five minutes after arriving at the cottage this weekend my mom handed me a book called "The Big Book of Lists to Live By (For everything that really matters)". She bought one for each of her children and saved it for a special day. The book is full of good concepts and ideas about contentment, friendship, family and so on. She told me that this book will be my guide when I need one in the future. Mom is planning ahead and I appreciate it. Throughout the weekend mom set aside individual time for her children. Every morning (and several times throughout the day) Amy, Jake and I could look forward to hugs and kisses from her. In addition, she set aside time to lay in the hammock and talk with her children individually. We talked about great memories, future plans and eventually fell asleep snuggling together. Our family played games, watched movies, and walked on the beach. We searched for heart-shaped rocks for mom's collection and spent time kayaking with the seals. I want to thank my parents for the wonderful weekend because I know we will all remember bits and pieces of those experiences for the rest of our lives.

Living Strong,

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Anonymous said...

I say lucky parents...
Love Mom & Dad