Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Laugh and enjoy life

I had crazy dreams last night so I don't think I slept well. I may need a little nap this afternoon :)

Yesterday morning I met Angie at Starbuck's while my "granddog Claira" was getting a haircut. We had a nice visit and some caffeine courage. (Claira looked adorable after her cut) Then my friend Jana's son Josh, met me and we visited for about another hour. It's amazing how fast kids grow up. After my coffee excursion, I went to my friend Pam's house for lunch with her and her grandson, Andy. We had a lot of fun. After Pam's visit, I stopped by work, then to my new bosses house, then Rick and I went to dinner at Jeff & Dawn's house (brother in law/sister in law) and the food was VERY GOOD. I gave my niece Darlena a bath and put her to bed (I think she really loves me) When I got home I discovered a HUGE Sunflower on my porch from Morgan and Kelly (it was beautiful) Poor Amy and Jacob got left out. But never forgotten. Sorry kids. I'll make it up to you. :(

When my day is jam packed like that it helps me put my fear aside. It also wears me out. Perhaps I should spread my excitement out a little bit.

Don't just try to stay alive.
....Participate in your life.

Dream Big,


Anonymous said...

I just love your laughter!!!!!! These Pictures are wonderful you always know how to have a good time!! Makes me feel lucky to have you as one of my bestest Friends!! love you more then the sound of a home run hit!! :) Peace out, Pegster

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Janeen said...

That's the trouble, my dear friend, Reener! You and your family are loved so much that everyone wants to participate!
Hey, I want to see your new dance!!
Love you more than all the sagebrush in Eastern Washington!
Hugs and KIsses,

Anonymous said...

good good news!!