Wednesday, July 19, 2006

3 Months and Counting...

Can you believe how fast time flies? It has been 3 months today since my diagnosis. I knew I would beat the odds, but who would have thought I would be feeling better after a few months instead of worse?

I'm a little worn out after my busy day yesterday. I promised Rick I would lay low at home (which is where I've been ALL DAY) I did a little work around the house (installed a new toilet seat) , had visitors (Angie, Peggy, Aunt Jessie & Uncle Melvin), watched a little Maury (Regarding the paternity of 2 year old Shaniqua, are NOT the Father - apparently it is the same show everyday just a different guest who claims to be 1 million percent sure who the father is...though I'm not good at math, I think 1 million percent doesn't have any more validity than 100%), loaded some new songs on Rick's ipod and took a nap. I know what you're thinking...She knows how to install a toilet seat? Oh, if only you knew about all my hidden talents. We talk about that later. :)

I've been finding new reasons to live everyday (besides the obvious ones) and today's is...I need to stick around to load new songs on the IPOD. (Rick can run it, but he doesn't know to put songs on it) Again, another talent you were probably unaware of.

My head is pounding (not from loud music) so I think I'd better get off the computer and take some Tylenol. You know, for all the name dropping I do for the drug companies, I should be getting a kick-back.

Love you more than I love Monk-E-Mail...(ok maybe equally as much as Monk-E-Mail) but that is a lot!

Dreaming, Living, & Loving,


Anonymous said...

I love ya Doreen! I love you more than all the sand that fell out of William's diaper today from the sandbox! xoxox Donna

Anonymous said...

Even know we didn't really get to go do anything just seeing you was GREAT!! I know that you were tired but even seeing you tired makes me wonder, Is she really sick?? Your still the Doreen that I knew back in the before days, so what is the deal??

How can she be so strong and still have such a drive for life? And then I realize how, and that's all the love and power of family, and lets not forget friends!!:)And the love for life in general.... I often sit back and get anger and wonder " How and Why? Its not fair and it gets me down right mad that something like this can happen to one of the nicest, most loving, caring friends I have??? Then I have to stop myself and say, remember to live in the now and not to wonder about the future!! We can't change what hasn't happened yet!!

Sometimes easier said then done....But when I think of the laughter that comes from being around you Slice, That's what makes it all go away~~~ I love you more then your sweet Kitty licks, Pegster

Anonymous said...

When I want to smile, all I have to do is read your "BLOGSPOT". This page never fails me -

Love you more than all the fans sold at WAL-MART today :)