Thursday, July 20, 2006

Class Reunion

Stanwood High School Class of '76 is planning their 30th class reunion at Maxime's Cuisine (upstairs) on Saturday, August 19th from 7:00pm to ? . I'm only telling you this because those people are OLD. Oh, wait. I am one of those people. Some of my fondest (and probably wildest) moments are with some of these friends. Oh, you know who you are...Kathi, Cathy, Molly, Cindy, Julie... I am really looking forward to seeing some of these "old faces". If you know anyone who graduated with us, please pass on this information. Thanks!

My afternoon ended yesterday with Amy stopping by to visit. She showed me how to do some awesome stuff for the ipod. I really am becoming technical. I should get a job at Best Buy with the Geek Squad. Or not.

For those of you who don't know it...My husband Ricky, is going to be 50 years old next Friday. 50 - the big 5-0, Book him Danno, 1/2 a century, AARP member, WOW! I used to think 50 was old. Now I think it's perfect :) Love you honey!

The weather is going to be gorgeous today. Enjoy it! I'm heading out in my bikini for a little bask in the sun (oh, I just got a vision of what that might look like) Never mind. I think I'll sit on the deck and read with my sunhat on instead. I want to protect both of our eyes.

Love you more than all the 2 piece bathing suits in Hawaii...

Dream Big,

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Anonymous said...

30, 50, 3 76 1/2 there goes those numbers again?? Rick doesn't look almost 50 and most certainly doesn't act it, 30 year reunion, your not old enough for that stuff, you sure you added and got the dates right Slice? I think that you had too much sun the other day and got things mixed up??? Ohh and lets not forget the number 2 for 2 piece?? Now that I can see!! :) Hope you have a most enjoyable time seeing old,and I mean old friends!! Love you like I love number, Ohh wait, I hate numbers and math too, so lets say I love you like the day is HOT!!!!! Peace out Slice, Da Pegster