Thursday, July 20, 2006

The clock is ticking....

The weird thing is... it's ticking for all of us. We read and write daily messages about mom being sick and the sad comments discuss how unfair it is that she was diagnosed with lung cancer. I thought a lot about that today. I have come to the conclusion that I need to change the way I view this situation. My mom is lucky. She has an opportunity to say everything she has ever wanted to say to people. Pick up the newspaper and read about the head-on collision that killed 3 people, or the fire that took the life of an entire family. Those people are the ones to be sad for. They never knew it was coming. They never had a chance to say goodbye, or tell the people they love just how much they were appreciated.

Life is unfair sometimes and that's what makes this game of life so interesting. Life is a game.... I truly believe that. Just like any other game... we occassionally have an opportunity to impact it in a positive way.... sometimes we are not that lucky. In some games, things happen around you that you have absolutely no control over. You may be forced to sit back, watch, and just wait for the inevitable to happen. That's just the way it goes sometimes. Sure, mom is unlucky on some level but she is very lucky on another. She is saying the things to people in her life that you and I are not. We say things like, "life is short", "Don't take things for granted", "Live like you were dying", etc., but how many of us actually do that? Even now, being reminded of the value of life, I still take far too many things for granted.

Life is just about making it thru one day at a time and mom was just as successful at accomplishing that goal today as you and I. In theory, her life will be cut shorter than we all hoped... but in reality, we could all be in the same boat. Tomorrow is never promised. Make the most of today.

Life is a game.
Your clock is ticking.
What are you doing about it?



Janeen said...

You are insightful and inspirational. I so appreciate everything you, your mom, your family, and friends write in this blogspot. Thanks!
Your Mom's friend, Janeen

Anonymous said...

Very true!! Life is never promised to any of us, so living in the today is the only way to play the game... And your right, your mom has the chance to say things and do things that most never have the chance to do.

Your insight is something to think about, and trying to get over the anger and the why's is only a mind eater.. and realizing that free's up a lot for us all....That time can be used in many other ways!! Like smelling the roses, talking to good friends, laughing, and making good memories....Which there are a lot to be had out there for us all....I for one have changed things in my life and will continue to live in the today!! Beucause God only knows the clock is ticking and I want to live it to the fullest and get the most out of it as possible, just as my homeslice is doing now...

Your awesome for seeing that Amy!! Thanks for sharing your thoughs with us..

Love you Amy!! And Fam!! Peg