Friday, July 21, 2006

Just one of those days

Mom has spent the last 4 days with a headache, extreme leg & feet cramps and a sore throat. After having 3 months of feeling great, everything seemed to hit at once. This morning Mom and I went to see her local doctor in Stanwood. We also contacted the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance and they wanted her to come down for a MRI of her head. We headed to Seattle for a long day of appointments, giving blood and scans. At 4:30 PM we were re-assured that Mom is doing well. Her MRI ruled out that she has a mass in her brain that is causing those bad headaches. They checked her legs for blood clots and showed her how to monitor the legs for changes that can be dangerous. She is now taking a muscle relaxer to help with her leg cramps. With some rest and a LOT of water and Gatorade her legs will be feeling better soon. As for her sore throat... they believe that she has a virus. I am very glad that her wonderful team of doctors take her concerns seriously and are so quick to respond. I am confident that Mom is in good hands.

Living Strong-


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Anonymous said...

Thanks girls for spending the hottest day of the summer in the car and at the cancer care alliance with me. I loved having you by my side.

Love Mom