Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Oops! I missed a day~

Yesterday came and went so fast I forgot to stop by to say hello. So, Hello...Hello I worked, went to lunch with my friend Pam, took a nap with my daughter Angie, made dinner, visited with my daughter Amy, went with Rick and Jacob to deliver a few items to my new boss and his wife's house, then stayed a while to help with their move. Another day. Another time to make a memory. (another moment to avoid housework)

The weather is beautiful. Don't forget your sunscreen. Wear a life jacket. Have a popscicle. Drink lots of water. Most important ~ Wear Flip Flops!

Except for taking medicine daily, I sometimes forget about the "C" in my lungs. Maybe someday we can all FORGET about IT! Let's help find a cure. :)

I love you more than all the people who called in "sick" to work yesterday but will come back with a tan today. :)

Dream Big,


Amy Schmitt said...

Hey.... was that last comment directed at me? Shhh.... my boss might actually read this page....

Anonymous said...

I love you more than sugar & spice & everything nice!

I love you more than all the diamonds in the world...including all those in the baseball fields!

I love you more than all the 'Oy-Oy-Oys' yelled at a Storm game!

I love you more than a cold Diet Coke in a 20 oz bottle that doesn't have an expired date!

I love you more than all the words & numbers I have ever typed on a typewriter, computer and, of course, text messaging!

I love you more than all the pop-ups on an unfiltered internet screen!

I love you more than the first time you look at your baby that has just been handed to you and placed into your arms...okay, maybe not more than that...but just like that!

Love you more & more,

Wait...now I have another one!

I love you more than the number of times it's taken me to enter the correct word verification on this blog!

Angie said...

Our visit yesterday was great. I only wish we would have spoken to each other! When I got to my Mom & Dad's house yesterday my mom was taking a nap on their bed. I spooned her for a second and the next thing I knew it was an hour later and the doorbell woke us up. I had to head home so we didnt get a chance to visit but that was ok by me...

I love you more than all the drool marks I left on your bed yesterday,


Anonymous said...

Slice, your An Amazing person, and I can't tell you enough how much your loved by my family and by many others!!

After our night out, I was set back by the young crazy lady ( But Fun lady ) that we spent sometime with!! And YES your right, I often forget about that "C" word too, only because your so damn spunky!! Your laughter, Love for life has taught me sooo much and I am thankful for each and everything that we get to talk about, hang, laugh about, but most of all, I am THANKFUL that your my FRIEND!! I love you more then you'll EVER know!! Peg

Anonymous said...

I love you more than all the uncountable stars in the heavens!