Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Good Morning

I was hoping to be insightful this morning, but I've decided that would be too much work. So instead, I want to wish you all a fabulous sunny day, don't forget yesterday's advice and think of me while I'm in Seattle playing with my friend, Janeen. Today's adventure (after a meeting at the District Office and a few last minute things at the office) will be Pike Place Market and "Menopause the Musical". Sounds like a day filled with laughs for me. Oh, and probably some good food. We can't forget that!

I got a call yesterday from Seattle Cancer Care Alliance and they want to see me on July 12th. I have a sense of calm now that we will be going there for care. Do you see how I said we? I feel like we've all been hit with this. Not just me. :(

I love you more than all the sunburned bodies that "forgot to put sunscreen on" this weekend.

Dreaming Big,


Anonymous said...

Good morning my friend, I am NOT going to take that remark about forgetting to put on sunblock personally because you DO know that I always "consider" the advice my skin doctor gives to redheads and then with my memory, I sometimes forget!! I love you and have a wonderful day in the neighborhood and at Menopause which I not only saw, but went flying through with hardly any hot flashes.Way beyond Pluto do I love you!!!Pammy

Anonymous said...

Have a great outing! I love you more than all the flowers at Pike Place Market.


Anonymous said...

How bout this one, I love you more then The Boys throwing the fish at Pike St. Market!! :))))Peg