Sunday, June 25, 2006

Nice ending to a great week

After reflecting on my life as it is, I've discovered that I'm pretty lucky. A couple of months after being diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer I'm actually feeling better, not worse. I'm having some kind of fun everyday. I've visited with people that I haven't seen in a long time. I've laughed - A LOT!

I was asked the other night what advice I would give someone now that I know about my health. My answer was immediate. I said, live with no regrets. That doesn't mean we won't wish we had or hadn't done something that we did or didn't do, or taking careless risks, means once you've done's done. Get over it. Move on. Apologize if you need to. Thank someone if you should. But never be sorry that it happened. Everything we do in life helps mold our character. Helps us become the person we were intended to be. Regrets only stunt our growth.

Ok, enough serious talk. I bought 2 new pair of flip flops (thongs) today on sale. Life is too short not to wear flip flops everyday. (oh, and also I need to show off my new pedicure) My daughter Amy wears flip flops in the winter. I'm thinking about going wild and trying that too! I'll let you know how that works once the temperature dips below 50 degrees.

This week will be bittersweet for me at work. I'll be done working for the school year with hopes that I will return in August feeling better than ever, but also knowing that my body might have a different plan for me. I promise not to think about work (very much) over the summer and just enjoy my life with family and friends.

I love you more than all the pee in a kiddie pool.

Dream Big,


Anonymous said...

hi's sharon schaeffer.........i work with Cathy at the dental office.........i read your blog regularly and am touched deeply by your integrity, courage, laughter, insight, faith............but today blew me are simply amazing and are challenging me to look at how i am living the life God has given me..........thanks so much for taking the time to share your very personal notes with all of are a gift from the Lord!!!!!
in HIM,

Anonymous said...

Doreen - keep on touch lives for Him. You are our blessing of the LORD.

Anonymous said...

sorry about that. It should be touching