Monday, June 12, 2006

Back by popular demand

Ok friends,

I know my memos have been lame lately, so here goes an attempt at something deep:
Wells, The Grand Canyon, oceans, volcanos, a generous man's pockets and my love for all of you. So how was that? Not so good? Ok, Let me try again.

Each day I sit here at the computer and wish I could tell you that I'm healthy. Since I can't do that, I want to bring you hope. But, I'm not sure how to do that either, since I'm still working at it myself. So instead, I'll bring you my humor. Ok, I know some of you wouldn't consider it humor but rather goofyness, but who cares? Laughter is Laughter. And it is the sweetest tasting medicine I take.

Yesterday I re-read all the cards and letters I've recieved over the past 6 weeks ( it took a while...because there were 253 of them) Can you believe that? 253 times someone has taken the time out of their busy life to let the Schmitt Family know how many thoughts and prayers are coming our way. That amazes me. That warms my heart. That brings me hope.

Next week will be an important milestone for my progress. I have a CT Scan on Monday and a follow-up appointment on Tuesday. This will tell them "HOW WELL" (power of positive thinking) the Tarceva is working. I still believe in my medical team and I feel a National Championship in my future....If nothing else, I know I'm going to make it to post-season play :)

You know the drill...
Dream Big,
Love ~ Doreen

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