Monday, June 12, 2006

Making Memories

Today was "Field Day" at my school in Marysville. It is a day where I am in charge of setting up stations of field games for the students to participate in. I had mentioned it to my Mom a few days ago in passing but I didn't bring it up again. Five minutes before the event was scheduled to begin, my Mom came walking up to me with a smile on her face and her "visitor" pass on her coat pocket. She came to volunteer in any way that she could. I love that about her. Throughout the two hour event, I scanned the field looking for my Mom and wondered what she was doing. Every time I located her I began smiling. One time I found her challenging a group of fourth grade students to a bubble gum blowing contest. They were really getting into it. At one point she said, "See that boy in the black Alcatraz shirt? He thinks his bubble was bigger than mine! I don't think so!" Later I found her eating a popsicle with the second grade girls. Throughout the afternoon I watched and absorbed every bit of her. I noticed her laugh, her interaction with others and her sincere smile. She was able to meet a few of the wonderful teachers who so graciously donated to "Doreen's Dream Team" and finally put a face to many of the names that I often mention. Thank you for making today so memorable Mom!

I love you,


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Anonymous said...

I was very glad to be a part of this special day for you. I am so proud to watch you teach. The love and respect you get from your students is obvious. Thanks for including me in your fun.
Love, Mom