Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Passing the torch....

I haven't had the opportunity to get on-line and post a message for a while so I thought I better take a few minutes and do that right now before another day comes and goes. It has been a week and a half since the Relay For Life took place. For many people... and many teams... it may be a time to relax and celebrate a great event. I for one, think the event was an amazing experience. I had never seen one and now I intend to never miss one. Sitting there at the ten o'clock hour and listening to the names being read over the intercom system was tough for me. That moment changed my life. Cancer has always been a horrible thing but it used to be something that happened to the "other family" not mine. I lost my grandma to cancer in 1991 but I had not been touched by it again until Davis Carlson was diagnosed with it last year. It was difficult for me to see a child battling the devastating disease. It was the first time I had witnessed a community come together in support of a family and a cause. People saw that cancer doesn't just affect "old people." Then, my grandpa was diagnosed with cancer in February of this year and it was a blow for my family. Just when we were down and out, along came that dreadful day in April when mom got the news. Nobody was prepared to hear that "C word", but who ever is?

Let me tell you how quickly a life can change. Let me tell you how quickly priorities can change. My life was given meaning. I will never stop doing my part to find a cure for cancer. Never.

I took on the role of team captain for Doreen's Dream Team for a few different reasons. Number one I wanted to make sure we were really going to step up and do it. There was a lot of talk about throwing together a team but the deadline was approaching and I was afraid we would be too distracted to make it happen. The second reason was simply to occupy my mind and find something positive to focus on. Sure, I was still thinking about Cancer but it was FIGHTING CANCER and that sounded like a step in the right direction for me.

So, a bunch of wonderful women raised their hands and signed up for Mom's dream team. We laughed, we cried, we hugged, we smiled, and we cried a little more. The Relay For Life turned out to be perfect (although we could have done without the rain.)

After the Relay I was approached by the Chair of the event and she asked me if I would be interested in being on the committee for next year’s event. I was honored to be asked and we have been in contact ever since. I have decided to accept the position of co-chair for the 2007 Relay for Life with the intention of being the Chairman of the Event in 2008. Again, it's an honor to be asked and I look forward to the challenges that lie ahead. I will be passing the "Captain" torch to a gal who I think will easily step into the role and lead the Dream Team in next year's event. She is also very attractive, comes from a good family, and has excellent siblings. Angie Schmitt will be taking over as captain. :) I'm not going anywhere. I will still be on the team and I will still be cracking the whip to make sure we raise the most money for cancer research.

Sure, the event has come and gone for 2006 but don't forget that Cancer hasn't stopped. I hope everyone continues to keep this devastating disease in their mind and continues to search for a cure. Be a part of something that's bigger than you. Find a passion in life. I've found mine.

Dreaming Big-

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Anonymous said...

Amy Zoe,
Your hard work was an inspiration to all of us (that and you flashed us the "schmitt look") if we weren't working hard enough or raising enough money. Thank you for all your love and passion.