Thursday, September 17, 2009

Great Appointment

Today, Megan and I met with Dr. Jack West, a lung cancer oncologist (he specializes in BAC) and he was excited for me to learn about my options. Currently, there is a clinical trial that is meant for people with Bronchioaveolar Carcinoma who never smoked....namely,ME. There is also a clinical trial that is closed but he anticipates it will be reopening sometime soon and that also has my name written on it.

So, between now and the next couple of weeks, I'll need a new scan, a brain MRI and and EKG. After they make sure I'm in good shape, I'll begin taking a daily pill for 4 weeks then have 2 weeks off. After the 6 weeks are up, we'll scan again and see how things are looking.

Megan and I both agreed that he is very knowledgeable and clearly has his patients best interests in mind. I feel really lucky to be a part of this new team of doctors.

I was so anxious about my appointment today that I drove half the way in the HOV lane and I was all by myself (I was meeting Megan in Seattle). Oops. I could have had a whopper of a ticket.

I'm very excited about starting on my next journey to survival. Glad you're all here to do it with me.

Keep dreaming big,


Anonymous said...

Dor I am very excited about this next journety to survival too! Love you, Shannon

Anonymous said...

Wow! You've come a long way, baby!
The energy, love, attitude, and dreaming have opened so many doors. Enlightened so many. Affected all of us. You are such an inspiration and we are thrilled you have these new opportunities lined up! That's awesome - and you're awesome!

Anonymous said...

Exactly... ALL that is written above.