Sunday, August 23, 2009

Exciting Weekend

Yesterday we spent the day at our friends Tom and Jana Shaughnessy's river cabin. It was absolutely beautiful. The grounds looked like a golf course and it sits right on the Skagit River. The girls all camped there on Friday and Saturday night. They spent a great deal of their time in the river with wading boots on trying to catch fish. Amy caught her first fish this morning (a 4 pound humpie). She was very excited to say the least. It was a team effort getting her little fish in. Angie stood on the rivers edge coaching her, Shannon netted it and the whole Shaughnessy gang cheered her on. Thanks Tom and Jana for sharing your little piece of Heaven with the Schmitt's. I hope we behaved ourselves and you'll let us come back.

Today Amy helped me cross one of the items off my newest bucket list. We are not gun people but I've been wanting to shoot a pistol. So, today Amy took me to the shooting range in Bellingham and she let me shoot a whole box of bullets. It was adrenaline was pumping after I hit the target on my first 3 attempts. After those first three shots however, my aim was a little low and to the left. If I was trying to shoot a robber, I would have hit his liver. I still don't have any desire to own a gun, but I would go back to the range and shoot again (after my arm stops throbbing and my lower back quits hurting - apparently my stance was a little tight)

Our friends, Dave and Val will be staying with us while they finish their house in Eastern Washington. They'll be working on the house 4 days a week, then spending the other 3 with us. There is never a dull moment when we're together...I'm really looking forward to spending time with them. Bring on the laughter :)

Rick has been a little worn out this week from the chemo. I'm hoping this next week gives him a break before it's time to have the next chemo embolization. I realized today how much better I feel when I'm not getting chemo. Maybe I really did need a break after all.

Love you more than all the salmon waiting to be caught this week,

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Jana Shaughnessy said...

We can't even begin to tell you how much we enjoyed you and your family this weekend! And, of course, you are always welcome and we hope you come back!! Glad to hear the gun shooting went well - that does sound fun- I've never shot a pistol either - maybe it's something we can take up together ;-))

Jana S.