Friday, July 17, 2009

Chemo treatment : CANCELED

My parents stayed in Seattle last night in order to save themselves from driving down there early this morning. Apparently the drive was not necessary either way. Dad is suffering from what was described to us as "typical" side effects from his surgical procedure that took place on Tuesday. He is having pain in his chest, shoulder, back and stomach. In addition, he is lethargic and literally needs assistance keeping his balance while he is walking around. Hopefully these are signs that the chemo drug is killing those tumors. I'm putting all of my positive energy into believing that is the case anyway...

I was waiting at my parents house when they arrived home from Seattle late this morning so that I would assist them in any way possible. Mom and I got Dad tucked into bed and then spent a couple of hours visiting over lunch. She keeps apologizing for what has been happening with their health lately. She feels bad that we are the ones having to help them out. I just continued to re-assure her that we WANT to be there through the good and bad that we will be facing in the future months.

On a positive note, Mom is feeling better today and is working hard to schedule a family trip for all of us later in the year. She is thinking a 4 day cruise sounds good. I would have to agree! I like the idea of planning something big to look forward to. It takes our attention off of being sick and puts it on trip planning!

I would like to once again thank everyone for the supportive cards, emails and phone calls that show us that you care. They are greatly appreciated! Thank you friends....

Dreaming Big,



bonehead said...

My thoughts are with all of you... take care.


Anonymous said...

For months I have been a silent reader of your families journey through cancer. The word unfair is a reoccuring theme often in my thoughts. I have become a loyal reader. I remember both of your parents well, and I am inspired by the strength of thier children and thier continued fight for life. Count me in as one of many silent well wishers and prayer supporters.