Monday, May 18, 2009

One step at a time...

Today marked a very different kind of day for Rick and I. We've been "dealing" with cancer in our lives for over 3 years, but to be honest we haven't done much "preparing". Not preparing to die, but rather to take care of some things so we can just keep "living". This afternoon, Rick and I met with our friend Dave, a funeral director. We met him at the cemetery where Rick's mom is buried and we picked out vacation home.... It is a beautiful spot, close to home, with a view :) In a good neighborhood. There is a kind of freedom that comes with preparing for death. I'm a firm believer when you're really prepared for won't happen like you thought. For instance, buy flood insurance and you're guaranteed to be safe from a flood. Don't buy it, and the dike breaks in your backyard. Buy an extra pair of pantyhose for a special occasion just in case you run the first won't have a run. Don't buy an extra pair and your fingernail pokes through the leg as you're putting them on. So, we bought cemetery plots today as an early 50th wedding anniversary present. We don't intend to use them until after our party (20 years from now).

Truthfully, when I told the kids what we were doing I thought they might be sad and think that we were premature in our purchase. Instead, they were the amazing kids I new they would be and said "Good for you, take control. Get what you want." Eventually, Rick or I would have to make the decision anyway so why not do it together?

I'm feeling much better this week in terms of queasiness. I do, however, need to get some rest. Hopefully tonight I'll have a little more success than last night.

Rick has chemo tomorrow morning and I'm going to take him. Originally, I thought we should make arrangements for someone to take him in case I wasn't feeling well. But, as you all know...I'm feeling great. We have to be on the road by 6:30am so I'd better get to bed.

Dreaming Big,


Anonymous said...

Woe tears... when cancer is beat you have got to keep posting blogs. Your guy's "Love" is a story alone. Love is amazing.

Hope you didn't have to count a farm of sheep tonight.

Hope your appointment goes as perfect as it could be tomorrow.

Deb Millar said...

It is much easier (and somewhat empowering) to make end of life arrangements before needed, you can be clear headed about it, and doing so will likely give both you and Rick peace of mind. I did the same when my Mom was journeying down the Alzheimer Trail, and it made things much smoother when she passed.