Sunday, May 24, 2009

Desert Aire Delight

We've been over at "the Desert" since Thursday and we're having a great time. Angie and Shannon came over on Friday night (it took over 9 hours to get here....Shannon's car had a problem on I-405, they had to get towed, then a rental car, then a 2 hour complete stop on top of the pass)....but they made it here at 11:30 pm.

Today the 4 of us stained the deck at house number 1. Actually Rick and I didn't do much. Thank goodness the girls were here. The sun was really irritating Rick's skin, and too much heat knocks me down. So, without any whining or complaining...they just took control. It looks great!

Tonight we all went to cousin Joe's for a Mexican Fiesta. Our cousin Tom and his girlfriend, Andrea cooked a Mexican dinner all day today and it was fabulous. They bought tortillas fresh off the conveyor belt in Mattawa, bought all the fruits and veggies at the "open market" that is held each weekend in town, made strawberry margaritas (I didn't have one...the thought of alcohol makes me queasy) and played Latin music through dinner. It was great fun until I got a headache and had to go home by 9:00pm.

I woke up this morning to my first pillow full of hair. I've made it through 2 full weeks without losing my hair so I had convinced myself that maybe I wouldn't lose it after all. No such luck. My pillow looked like a small rodent was taking a rest. I woke up early (everyone else was asleep) and sat at the table looking at the pile of hair that had been on my head only hours earlier. Then I cried. I didn't want to wake anyone here, so I sent a photo to my sister in law Vickie who was in Vegas and one to Amy in Seattle. I knew once they got the photo, they would call. They did. Luckily, Susie and Pat (our great neighbors at D.A.) were awake so I spent the morning with them, crying and having coffee. I'm over it now. Hopefully, the majority of my hair will stay in until I get home tomorrow night. I've decided that the best way to deal with it, is to take control. So, sometime this next will get shaved off on my terms. :)

I'm heading back to bed now. My headache is gone and I'm feeling better.

Hope you're having a safe and wonderful Memorial Day Weekend. The weather here is PERFECT!

Love you more,

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